lundi 9 avril 2007


by Merry Fitzgerald
Europe-Turkmens of Iraq Friendship Association

Massud Barzani said in an interview broadcast on Saturday with Al-Arabiya television “If they (the Turks) interfere in Kerkuk over just thousands of Turkmens then we will take action for the 30 million Kurds in Turkey”.

Shame on Barzani, who reduces the number of Turkmens in Kerkuk (Turkmens’ capital city and main cultural centre) to “just thousands” thereby denying the reality that Kerkuk has always been a city with a Turkmen majority before the illegal occupation of Iraq by the US and UK who, to reward their Kurdish collaborators Barzani and Talabani, have allowed their armed militias to invade and occupy the Turkmen region of Iraq ‘TURMENELI’ beginning with their capital city Kerkuk.

Since then, Kurdish militias with the blessing of the US occupiers have imposed their hegemony not only on the Turkmen region but on the entire north of Iraq, as if Turkmens, Arabs, and Kaldo-Assyrians did not exist.

Since April 2003 the Kurds, after occupying the Turkmen region, have illegally brought and installed over 700,000 Kurds in Kerkuk to change the demographics of this historically Turkmen city and claim that Kerkuk is a Kurdish city to be annexed to their autonomous region.

What has Barzani done with the hundreds of thousand of Turkmens of Kerkuk? Has he already expelled them, “Kurdified” them by force, or exterminated them?

Shame on this backward, chauvinist and corrupt Kurdish feudal war lord, who having been brought up and fed by racist zionist ideology denies the existence of the hundreds of thousands of Turkmens in Kerkuk and the rights of the 3 million Turkmens of Iraq to be considered as the country’s third main ethnic community, with the same rights as the Arabs and Kurds of Iraq.

Time has come for all Iraqi patriots to stand up against the backward Kurdish war lords whose objective is and has always been to weaken and divide Iraq.

The Arab and Muslim leaders must wake up and realize that the US-UK and their allies are in the process of creating a “new entity” in the Middle East (led by Kurdish war lords such as Barzani) similar but more dangerous for the Arab and Muslim world than the one they created in Palestine in 1948 .

The Arab media should know that Iraq is composed of Arabs, Kurds and Turkmens and they should give the Turkmens, who have always defended the unity of Iraq, the opportunity to express their views on Iraq and Iraqi policies, instead of always promoting backward Kurdish war lords’ views and policies which consist in denying the existence of the Turkmens in Iraq as a community, in dividing Iraq and harming its Arab and Muslim neighbours.

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