mercredi 27 janvier 2010

Turkmens continue to be targeted in Iraq

The Iraqi authorities must take urgent steps to protect the Turkmen community in Iraq.

On Saturday 24th January 2010, Ibrahim Ahmed, a 24-year old Turkmen was assassinated in the Alhay Alaskary district of the city of Kerkuk.

The Iraqi Turkmen Front have called upon the Iraqi authorities to carry out an investigation into this assassination.

The Iraqi Turkmen Front has reiterated its demand to the Iraqi government to form local Turkmen defence groups which would be part of the official security forces.
These groups would ensure the security of the Turkmens in Kerkuk and Turkmeneli, the region inhabited by Turkmens in Iraq.

The Iraqi Turkmen Front has also reiterated its strong rejection for the deployment of peshmerga militias in Kerkuk.

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