mardi 14 décembre 2010

Project to rebuild Historical Ottoman Bridge of Kerkuk has been finalized

The project design draft for the Stone Bridge that is expected to be rebuilt by the Kirkuk Directorate of Highways and the Kirkuk Directorate of Historical Artifacts has been finalized.

The historical stone bridge of Kirkuk was built during the Ottoman Governor Nafiz Paşa period in 1875 on the Hasasuriver. The historical bridge collapsed in 1954.

56 years ago Kirkuk lost an important historical structure.

The demolition of the historical ottoman stone bridge on 2nd March 1954 caused a great sadness in Kirkuk.

A demolished ruin took the place of the historical stone bridge. For years this was the scene in the middle of the city center. The building of the bridge on Hasasu river which splits Kirkuk into two banks was commissioned in 1875 by Ottoman Governor Nafiz Paşa. Although many years have gone by, the memory of the bridge was never erased from the minds of Kirkuk residents. The bridge was remembered from previously taken black and white photographs and rare paintings sketched by artists.
A decision to rebuild the bridge known as Ottoman Stone bridge after 56 years has been taken.

The bridge shall be rebuilt by Kirkuk Bridge Highways Directorate and Kirkuk Historical Artifacts Directorate. Kirkuk Highways Directorate Director Kasım Hamza said in an interview given to Turkmeneli television, that the final draft plans for the bridge constructions works had been finalized. In addition Kasım Hamza said that the project had become contemporary within the scope of the selection of Kirkuk as the cultural capital of Iraq in 2010.

In addition, Kasım Hamza said that the Kirkuk Stone bridge project had been decided by Kirkuk province assembly and offered to a company interested in the rebuilding of historical monuments. Hamza also said the bridge would take its original form within the scope of the project and regain its rightful position.

Eyad Tarık, the director of Kirkuk historical monuments spoke to Turkmeneli television. He said that the Kirkuk Highways director had sent them a letter saying they wanted the bridge to take its original shape and form.

The Stone Bridge of Kirkuk is one of the significant historical symbols in the history of Kirkuk. Before the bridge was demolished 56 years ago, it was a major witness to the daily life of the city.
Within this scope, Turkmeneli television spoke to the distinguished Kirkuk offspring who had witnessed the historical Stone bridge and those times. Molla Salih Kasap is ninety years old. He is one of those people who saw the bridge and lived through those times. Salih Kasap said that the Stone bridge occupied an important place in the infrastructure of the city planning of Kirkuk which connected Mustafa Kalayı Coffeehouse on the large bank with the Mecidiye Coffeehouse on the other bank. In those days, two civil servants deputized as traffic wardens were on duty at both bridge entrances. He said that whenever a vehicle wanted to cross the bridge, an officer at the entrance would raise a black and white flag to steer the vehicles along the bridge.
Molla Salih Kasap narrated that the demolition of the historical Ottoman Stone bridge in 1954 caused a deep sorrow to the residents of Kirkuk; this sorrow has best been expressed by poets and writers in their poems and literature.

Turkmeneli TV

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