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Dr Hassan Aydinli, ITF EU Representative attended the Delegation for relations with Iraq Meeting at the EU Parliament

European Parliament, Brussels - 29th May 2012

Dr Hassan Aydinli, ITF EU Representative; MEP Ana Gomez; Ambassador Lahebib Adami, Head of the Liaison Office of the League of Arab States in Brussels; Representative of the League of Arab States in Belgium.

MEP Struan Stevenson, Chair of Delegation for Relations with Iraq; Ambassador Lahebib Adami, Head of the Liaison office of the League of Arab States in Brussels and H.E. Ambassador Mohammed Abdullah Al-Humaimidi, Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Belgium.

MEPs who attended the meeting: Ms Ana Gomez and Ms Alexandra Thein
Several Iraqi Embassy staff also attended the meeting

The Chair, Mr. Struan Stevenson, welcomed the two Ambassadors and thanked them for attending  the exchange of views on the regional role of Iraq.

The Chair  announced the death of MEP Miguel Portas (Portugal) who passed away after a long illness, he asked the assembly to stand up and hold a minute of silence in his memory.  MEP Portas will be replaced by Ms Alda Susa (MEP from Portugal).

Regarding the Inter-Parliamentary meeting of the Delegation with the Iraqi Council of Representatives which should have taken place on 25th April 2012, the Chair said it had to be cancelled as Iraqi representatives could not come for administrative reasons.

The Chair announced that on 11th May 2012 the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement had been signed in Brussels by Ms Catherine Ashton - High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the Commission - and Mr. Hoshyar Zebari – Foreign Minister of Iraq.

He also informed that on 24th May 2012 Ms Catherine Ashton had issued an important statement, following the talks of E3+3 with Iran In Baghdad (on 24th May 2012) in which she thanked the Iraqi government for the excellent hospitality and organisation of these talks.  Please see link below:

Regarding Camp Liberty, the Chair said there were still many problems: lack of water treatment, sewage and bad maintenance. He said he trusted that the Iraqi Ambassador will help in getting the Iranians out of Iraq quickly.

The Chair congratulated Iraq who now holds the presidentship of the Arab League.

Ambassador Lahebib Adami, Head of the Liaison office of the League of Arab States in Brussels took the floor.  Ambassador Adami  said that the Arab Summit had taken place in Iraq on 28-29 March 2012, that Iraq is a great Arab country with a rich culture and civilisation and that it has an important role to play.

Regarding  Palestine, Ambassador Adami called on all international actors to find a solution because there is stagnation of the U.S. role, despite the promises made by President Obama.  The Ambassador of the Arab League mentioned the inhuman embargo inflicted on Gaza, the destruction of the houses, the cruel treatment of prisoners. He said that the Summit had requested the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Regarding the Syrian crisis, Ambassador Adami said that the Summit had called upon the Syrian authorities to respect and implement the decisions of the Arab League and the recommendations of Mr. Kofi Anan.

Regarding the WMD, Ambassador Adami said that the Summit had requested the implementation of the non-proliferation treaty of 2010 and the denuclearisation of the region.

Regarding the fight against international terrorism, Ambassador Adami said that the Summit had adopted some resolutions.

Regarding the Arab Parliament, Ambassador Adami said that it would seek to cooperate with the world’s parliaments.
Regarding the Arab League, he said that it would be restructured and that its functioning would be revised.

The Chair gave the floor to H.E. Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Belgium Mohammed Abdullah Al-Humaimidi .
Ambassador Al-Humaimidi thanked his colleague Ambassador Adami.
Ambassador Al-Humaimidi said that there were a lot of prejudices against Iraq due to the actions of the former regime. Iraq was isolated from the world following the policies of the Baath regime. Iraq had suffered for more than 13 years under the harsh economic sanctions. Since 2003 Iraq was establishing democracy and has a new constitution.
Iraq has signed a cooperation treaty with the EU on 11.05.2012.  The country now has excellent relations with the international community and in the region.  There is a joint ministerial commission between Iraq and Kuwait. The Ambassador  added that Iraq is a factor of balance in the region. He said that Iraq and Iran were working to reinstall demarcation boundaries. Iraq is working with Turkey to find a solution for PKK.
Regarding Camp Ashraf, Ambassador Al-Humaimidi said that UNAMI have their people in the camp, that it is in the hands of the UN and  that the EU can help in this issue.

The Chair asked the EEAS Ambassador if he had any comments or questions, his answer was no.

The Chair asked MEP Ana Gomez if she had any questions.
MEP Ana Gomez asked what progress had been made in terms of security. She also asked about the water problem. She asked : how do you see the situation in Syria, terrorists have now shifted to Syria. What do you think about Qatar and Saudi Arabia’s role. What do you think about the internal issue on KRG regarding Kirkuk.
The Chair asked MEP Alexandra Thein if she had any questions
MEP Alexandra Thein thanked the Ambassador of the Arab League for having made decisions regarding Palestine during the Summit. She asked what is the Arab League doing about Syria’s WMD. Regarding the Arab Parliament she asked to be given  more info because she could not find any on the internet. Regarding Camp Ashraf refugees  she asked how many had EU citizenship.

On the water situation between Iraq and Turkey  Ambassador Al-Humaimidi said that since 1960 there is a tripartite Committee (Iraq-Turkey-Syria) which is working on this problem.

Regarding the Syrian crisis, Ambassador Al-Humaimidi said we are very clear, we respect the will of the people and we support Kofi Anan’s recommendations.

Regarding KRG and Kirkuk, Ambassador Al-Humaimidi said that Article 140 is very clear, we have to adhere to it, this will be settled peacefully.

Regarding Camp Ashraf ,  Ambassador Al-Humaimidi said that there are more than 200 Camp Ashraf residents who have EU citizenship.

Regarding MEP Thein’s question about the Arab Parliament, Ambassador Adami  said he would send her the info by email.
At the end of the meeting  ITF EU Representative Dr Hassan Aydinli spoke with H.E. Ambassador Lahebib Adami, Head of the Liaison office of the League of Arab States in Brussels. He informed him of the problems that Turkmens, who are Iraq's third main ethnic community and northern Iraq’s second main ethnic community, are  still facing in Iraq and especially in Kerkuk, despite the regime change in 2003.

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