lundi 22 avril 2013

ORSAM Report No: 153 Electoral Laws in Iraq
ORSAM Report No: 153 Electoral Laws in Iraq

After the 2003 U.S. invasion, a new system has been 
strived to be established in Iraq. Within this system,
it was aimed to create a country ruled by 
governments through elections, which is one of
the essential principles of democracy. To that 
end; constituent assembly elections to prepare 
the Iraqi Constitution were held on 30 January 2005, 
Constitutional referendum was held on 15 October 
2005, local and general elections were held on 15 
December 2005, local elections and general 
elections were held respectively on 31 January 2009 
and on 7 March 2010. In the forthcoming two years, 
it is planned to hold two more elections in Iraq. 
In the first place, local elections will be carried out 
on 20 April 2013. Then, general elections are 
expected to be held in 2014.       

Considering the federal structure in Iraq, the local 
elections are such as to shape the Iraqi politics. 
The local elections will be a key to general elections 
to be carried out in 2014. Within  this report, 
Arabic texts of laws on local elections in Iraq, 
as well as their Turkish translations can be found.

 Hasan Kanbolat, ORSAM Director
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