jeudi 22 janvier 2015

Muqdadiyah Provincial Council calls for urgent investigation about giant helicopters landing in ISIS strongholds

January 21, 2015 by Abdelhak Mamoun

( On Tuesday, Municipal Council in Muqdadiya in the Diyala province demanded to investigate the landing of unknown giant helicopters in the heart of ISIS strongholds northern the district, stressing the need to detect and clarify the facts before the public opinion.

Council chairman Adnan al-Tamimi said in an interview for, “The Municipal Council in Muqdadiyah received many calls from eyewitnesses in the villages of northern the district, about seeing unknown giant helicopters landing in the heart of ISIS stronghold in Sensl and Hanbs villages (13 km north of Muqdadiyah) yesterday evening. They were dropping off boxes, supplies and dozens of gunmen.”

Tamimi called the Security Institution for “urgent investigation of the incident because it may reveal a new plot against the district by some hostile forces in support of terrorism, especially with the imminent launch of large-scale military operation to purge the ISIS strongholds north of the district.”

Tamimi said, “The Council of Muqdadiyah will provide all assistance to any investigative committee, especially with contacting witnesses and recording their evidence,” stressing the need to “detect and clarify the facts before the public opinion.”

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