vendredi 20 mars 2009

Conference at EU Parliament "What Future for Iraq"

Baroness Nicholson, MEP, calls Iraq a "blossoming democracy", this is definitely not how the 4 Iraqi speakers who took part in the 3 days event/conference in Brussels would describe their occupied country.

Please see:

“Ties between the European Union and Iraq grow stronger by the day” – Baroness Nicholson MEP

19th March 2009: Speaking yesterday at the conference, “What Future for Iraq?”, Baroness Nicholson MEP, Chair of the European Parliament’s Delegation for relations with Iraq, reported on the growing relationship between the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the European Parliament.

Addressing the Conference, which was hosted by Luisa Morgantini Vice President of the European Parliament, Baroness Nicholson said:

“Ties between the European Union and Iraq grow stronger by the day. Iraq is a close neighbour to the European Union and we share a common cultural and scientific heritage. With the possible entrance of Turkey into the Union, Iraq even is a potential direct neighbour of the Union.

“Since 2003 a determined cluster of individual MEPs has been visiting Iraq regularly and delegations from Iraq have been received in the European Parliament. In February 2008 we formed the European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with Iraq and a only weeks later the Iraqi Parliament formed a sister delegation chaired by Sheikh al Atiyyah.

“The delegations have had an active and valuable exchange of views ever since, including meetings with the Iraqi Government, the diplomatic community, the World Bank Representative for Iraq, the UN Special Representative to Iraq and EU and Iraqi Parliamentary Committees.

“Prime Ministers, Presidents, Ministers and parliamentarians of European Member States are visiting Iraq on a regular bases and with them trade and industry is returning to the country. Iraq is a blossoming democracy and the European Union must continue to develop this vital relationship.” ENDS

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