dimanche 15 mars 2009

Iraq Solidarity Campaign - Press Release

Press Release! Please Circulate! All Welcome!

Iraq Solidarity Campaign
Hussein Al-Alak

Food for Aid - 20/3/2009 @ Didsbury Mosque, Manchester

The over all effects of War Induced Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has not yet been made visible for the world to see, but the scars are beginning to show themselves across areas of conflict, with PTSD expressing itself through acts of behaviour such as domestic violence, drug and substance abuse, self-harming and suicide.

It is also showing itself through severe learning disabilities among children, anxiety and sleeplessness, nightmares and eating disorders. The Iraq Solidarity Campaign UK believe that it is time for the world to wake up and begin taking a pro-active approach to combating PTSD and to show our solidarity with both trauma workers and their patients.

Inside of Iraq alone, there has been over one million people killed since the invasion in 2003, there are also an estimated five million traumatised child orphans, along with an estimated 2.5 million refugee children, with the overwhelming majority of Iraqi children suffering from trauma related learning impediments.

According to the United Nations, there are over 50,000 Palestinians within the Gaza Strip, who are in urgent need of psychological assistance, with international news outlets reporting that children are even afraid of going to school.

British author and ex-SAS Soldier Andy McNab has even warned that Britain is going to face a “social crisis” because of the trauma experienced by soldiers, as a result of being kept in war zones like Iraq and Afghanistan. McNab has also warned that the ongoing “neglect by the Government” is putting soldiers at an “unprecedented risk” of mental health problems including the risk of suicide.

Food for Aid is an afternoon of awareness and socialising, which will provide the people of Manchester with the opportunity to express their support for the Iraqi Red Crescent, the Gaza Mental Health Hospital and Combat Stress - with all three organisations being in the front line, in dealing with the psychological wounds of war.

Money raised on the day, will assist each organisation to continue their work with proceeds raised, helping to deliver essential services to trauma victims, such as first aid and trauma training, counselling, bereavement support, disability aids and adaptations, along with the provision of services such as respite care.

Food For Aid will take place on Friday 20th March 2009, at the Didsbury Mosque in South Manchester and is located on the Barlow Moor Road and Burton Road junction. It will begin at 12:30 pm, where there will also be a chance to speak with campaigners and obtain more information about the issue.

To get involved or to help us organise future events, please contact the Iraq Solidarity Campaign on Iraq_campaign@yahoo.co.uk or by phone on 0788 084 0562. You can also read more about our campaign on PTSD on our website: http://www.iraqsolidaritycampaign.blogspot.com/

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