vendredi 30 octobre 2009

Arabs and Turkmen in Iraq’s Kerkuk want to seek international protection

By Marwan al-Ani
Azzaman, October 29, 2009

Arab and Turkmen political factions want to ask for international protection if the government fails to safeguard their rights.

In a statement, issued by their representatives in the provincial council and their political leaders, they said conditions in the oil –rich city were worsening and tension escalating.

The parliament has failed to come up with a legislative formula for holding the national elections in the city in January next year.

The Kurds who practically control the city with large numbers of their armed militias deployed in it have vowed to add it to their semi-independent enclave.

“We want a revision of the population counts in the city and no delay in the January elections,” the statement said.

It said since the 2003-U.S. invasion the Kurds have persistently tried to change the demographic character of the city.

The statement said a revision of the count should remove those who flocked to the after the invasion.

“Kirkuk needs more attention and a special status and a sincere attempt to solve outstanding issues,” the statement said.

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