dimanche 18 avril 2010

Deformed Iraqi babies caused by USA use of depleted uranium

The following pictures were provided by Dr. Siegwart Horst-Gunther, authored of a 1996 book titled, "URANIUM PROJECTILES - SEVERELY MAIMED SOLDIERS, DEFORMED BABIES, DYING CHILDREN" (ISBN: 3-89484-805-7).
The book is a documentary record of the depleted uranium ammunition effects on Iraqi babies that were taken between 1993 and 1995. The book has been censored in the USA.
Dr. Gunther also has in his possesion additional photographs from his unpublished collection which feature the birth deformities being experienced by USA Iraqi war veterans' children. Dr. Gunther has given permission for his pictures to be treated as 'Public Domain' and copyright free. Please reproduce them and distribute them as widely as possible.
The deformities are similar to those experienced by both Vietnam war veterans and Vietnamese mothers because of the US Military/Industrial Complex's use of the abominable chemical of mass destruction called "Agent Orange". The Pentagon has swept these American baby deformities and its causes under the rug.

The USA is presently ruled by extreme evil people who do not care about human life but only in "MONEY". This group includes those who benefit from profits in the "war weapons industry" and cronies in the Bush Administration involved in "OIL". These two groups are utilizing Americas's youths as dupes. Most of the soldiers in Iraq are poor and uneducated. They are merely being utilized by the "USA ruling elite" as "cannon fodder" to protect their wealth and interests. They are being duped by making them believe that they are "heroes" and "patriots". It is very sad!

La Voz de Aztlan encourages our readership to support mother Cindy Sheehan in her struggle to support USA troops and to bring them home. Cindy, mom to a USA occupation soldier who needlessly lost his life in foreign soil, has awaken to the realities of the USA war against Iraq.

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