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Forming the Government, Iraqis' Opinions

Forming the Government,Iraqis' Opinions
Inside Iraq

June 6, 2010

Since the last parliamentary election in March, Iraqis have been waiting for the announcement of forming the new government.After more than three months of waiting, I tried to know the opinions of my people about Iraqis' most important issue. I talked to more than twenty people in more than eight provinces. They all said the same things. I chose the opinions of four people only. For security reasons, I will write only the first name of the people whom I’m quoting.

Aseel, 25 years girl"Our situation is very bad. No security at all. No jobs opportunities and no basic services. Nothing will change whether the politicians form the government or do not. In fact, it would be better for us if Iraq remains without a government because they political parties will keep discussing their demands and they will not fight each other. I believe that forming the government will take another six months because all the politicians work for their interests. I am sure God will send us to heaven after we die because we live in hell now."

Nazar, 37 years. Employee"I can not predict the exact time of forming the government because the fight among the political parties are still ongoing. Each political party is supported by a foreign country and tries to impose the political agenda of that country. The political struggle proves with no doubt that the political parties do not trust each other. We had done as duty as honest Iraqis who love their countries. We went to the election for four times. We sacrificed for our Iraq but what did we get in return!!! Our politicians fight for their interests and forgot us completely."

Um Ahmed, 48 years. High school principle. Qadisiyah province"Our politicians are watching our miserable condition and they can not feel our pains. What did the last government do for us!! The answer is nothing at all. Let me give one example. It had been seven years since the collapse of Saddam's regime in 2003 and we still do not have electricity. Summer in Iraqi is very long season. It lasts for more than five months. During this long season, we have electricity for three hours a day or four hours as a maximum while the politicians and the lawmakers have their big power generator that provide their house for all day and night. They fight for power and they do everything for it even killing us."

Hussein, 41 Taxi driver. Basra province"Iraq will never improve and our life will never get better because our politicians care only about their interests. We made a big mistake when we participated in the last election. Our politicians will not form the government even within the two coming months because they still negotiate about the share of each party as if Iraq is their heritage. I am sure the coming government will fail and it will tell us the same excuses of the last one. There is no hope at all."

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