mercredi 29 septembre 2010

Iraqi Turkmen Front Communiqué

Written Statement from ITF

21st September 2010

Iraqi Turkmen Front reacted to the recent announcement made by President Celal Talabani about the presidency being negotiable while Kirkuk and article 140 were not. In the written statement prepared by Iraqi Turkmen Front Information Department, it was stated that no position should be monopolized by any particular party and that article 140 had run its legal course and that they opposed its implementation.

In a speech made on a televised program, President Talabani had stated that they were open to negotiating the presidency and that although this position might not be granted to the Kurds, no concessions regarding Kirkuk and the application of article 140 which is relevant to Kirkuk would be considered. The response from the Iraqi Turkmen Front following Talabani’s statement was soon to follow. In the statement published by Iraqi Turkmen Front the fact that article 140 was subject to article 142 regarding the change of the constitutional law and that the provisions of article 23 of Provincial Assembly elections should be applied to annul the changes in Kirkuk’s demographical structure was underlined.

In the statement made by Iraqi Turkmen Front Information Department, attention was called to the fact according to Law No.6 of Provincial Assembly Election Law, the registry of voters in Kirkuk for the years 2004-2009 needed to be reviewed. In its statement, Iraq Turkmen Front called all political parties in Iraq to rally for solidarity and the territorial integrity of Iraq and underlined that parties needed to act for the public good when forming coalitions for the process of establishing a government.

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