samedi 30 octobre 2010

ITF TR 29th October Message

29 October 2010, Friday .

Iraq Turkmen Front Turkey Representative Dr. Hicran Kazancı published a message to commemorate 29 October Republic Day and the 87th Anniversary of the Republic.

Dr.Kazancı's message is as follows:
"With a struggle that is rarely seen in the world, an occupied land regained its freedom 87 years ago and was awarded with the best possible reward and declared a republic. The Republic of Turkey is an example of democratic practices in this region as well as leading figure in the significance it gives to establishing peace in Iraq and the Middle East and as such the people in the region and especially us Iraqi Turkmen observe the developments in Turkey with great interest.

The Republic of Turkey is a concrete example of what we miss the most in Iraq which is an administration based on national sovereignty. Today, the Republic of Turkey can take justified pride in being a modern, democratic world state.

With these feelings and thoughts, I commemorate the 87th anniversary of the establishment of the Republic with deep affection and respect."

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