mardi 5 octobre 2010

Paulien Bakker's (author of a book on Kerkuk) reaction to article on Rudaw

Letter: Author of Book On Kirkuk Responds to Rudaw Story
05/10/2010 08:29:00 admin

After Rudaw published a stroy by WLADIMIR VAN WILGENBUR interviewing Dutch author and journalist Paulien Bakker about her recent book titled "Romantic People", which is about the cultural and political situation of the oil-rich city of Kikruk in Iraq, Bakker wrote the following responce to the story.
Note from the author of the book:

I thank the editor for his efforts to draw more attention to the interview. By rewriting the beginning of the article and changing the title of the piece, he managed to draw maximum attention to it. However, the title is now unnecessary hurtful for the reader, nor does it properly reflect my opinion. I have never said nor meant to compare the Kurds with Saddam - to start with I think comparisons like that are utterly useless. I can only hope an English translation of my book will be available soon.

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