jeudi 27 janvier 2011

Hasan Turan, a Turkmen councillor calls for semi-autonomy in Kerkuk

By Ammar Ali

Kirkuk - A Turkmen Councillor in Kirkuk said on Tuesday that the Turkmen project to apply for semi-autonomy in the oil-rich, multi-ethnic region under Article 119 of the Iraqi Constitution would resolve the territorial debate being waged between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region.

Hasan Turan told AKnews that he believes the project will win the support of all ethnic components and political blocs on both regional and national levels."This province can become a region...and be a model of economic well-being in Iraq and of peaceful coexistence between the ethnic components found within it," he said.

Kirkuk has long been the subject of a territorial debate between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government. The region is believed to be sitting atop four percent of global oil reserves and is attractive to foreign investors, but exploration has been blocked by security concerns.

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