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A new Baas state is a threat to the region, Dr Hicran Kazanci

A new Baas state is a threat to the region

 Dr. Hicran Kazancı
 Iraqi Turkmen Front Turkey Representative

Yeni şafak gazetesi

Iraqi Turkmen Front Turkey Representative Assistant Professor Doctor Hicran Kazancı interpreted the possible problems which may emerge after the Bessar Esad regime is overthrown in Syria for Yeni Şafak.
Dr.Kazancı assessed the probable future of Syria based on the experiences following the demise of the dictator in Iraq saying, "the important thing is what follows the demise of a regime ". Dr. Kazancı indicated that over 50% of the Syrian people viewed the regime as hostile and qualified the Nusayri Esed regime as "a power which does not recognize the right to life those of another ethnic sect than themselves”.

Dr.Kazancı indicated that the ‘new Baas state’ to be purportedly established in the western part of Syria between Lazkiye and Tartus after the Beşşar Esed regime is ousted will be problematic for the international community and said: "this state is in possession of chemical weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles. The armed forces have linked their fate with that of the regime. Tomorrow if the regime falls the armed forces shall be held responsible for all the incidents. As their fates are intertwined when such a state is established it becomes a threat to the whole region. That is why the international community will not allow this to happen."


Dr.Kazancı said that although the Syrian insurgents had light weapons and Esed’s armed forces was destitute, he pointed out that if the Free Syrian Army had heavy weapons the resolution process would gain momentum. Dr.Kazancı said that the West was concerned that any dispatched weapons could fall into the hands of extremist groups which could be a threat to Israel after the regime is ousted.

There are 3 million Turkmen

Although there are no definite figures, Dr.Kazancı indicates that there are around 3 million Turkmen in Syria who are distributed almost all over the country. Dr.Kazancı said that Syria had replaced the Turkmen in areas close to the border with Turkey with citizens of Kurdish origin saying the Esed regime turned a blind eye on the PKK terror organization. Dr.Kazancı said that it appeared to be a major dilemma that while the Syrian elements involved in the PKK terror organization would not give even identity cards to citizens of Kurdish origin in their own country they claimed that they were defending the rights of Kurdish citizens in Turkey.


Dr. Kazancı stated that it was a positive fact that the Turkmen in Syria were among the opposition and said, "If you are not with the opposition then you will not be included in the power structure of the future. We experienced the same thing in Iraq".

Together for a millenium

Iraqi Turkmen Front Turkey Representative Hicran Kazancı said that the good relations between Turkey and the Northern Iraq Regional Administration in the recent past had a positive effect for the Turkmen. Dr.Kazancı mentioned that the Ottomans had been a uniting factor in the region and said, "in any case we have lived together for a thousand years ". Dr.Kazancı was supportive of the efforts of Turkey to open a consulate general in Arbil saying, "it will be to our benefit. There are close to 300 Turkish companies in Northern Iraq.
Northern Iraq survives with the investments made by Turkey”.

Dr.Kazancı noted that Turkey was administering a very wise policy in the region adding, "If Esed had listened to the advice of Prime Minister Erdoğan regarding 'elections' everything would have been very different".

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