lundi 26 novembre 2012

International conference for higher education to be held next Tuesday in Iraq

 November 26, 2012.

A statement by the Ministry quoted the Director General of the Research & Development Office also head of the preparatory commission for the conference, Mohamed Atiya al-Saraj, as saying “The meeting will be held under slogan (Development towards Society of knowledge) where it will be participated by experts from UK, US, Holland, Australia, and Ireland.”
“The activities of the conference, which is organized in collaboration with Iraqi Scientists Network (Nisa), will be held at Universities of Baghdad, Mustansiriya, Nahrein, and Technology for three days respectively,” the statement concluded.

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Johny Rover a dit…

Iraq is a developing country. Education is the first step towards progress, its very positive step by the Govt of Iraq and its good sign to develop the economy and Iraqi Dinar rate worldwide.