dimanche 17 août 2008


Turkmen musicians‘HOYRAT’ SONGS – CHANTS ‘HOYRAT’

The most popular and indigenous songs are Hoyrats. Hoyrats, longplay songs with nearly twenty different melodious voices forming rich literary texts are typical Turkmen musical works.
Hoyrats are classified according to tunes into Muhalif, Beshiri, Kesik, Yolcu, Ömergele, Muçyla, Yskenderi and Matari and regarded as typical Turkmen songs in Iraq and elsewhere.

Short plays/Kyrykhavas are locally called Beste. Beste is divided into groups based on the subject matters, such as love, homesickness and death; nature (pastoral), games, ceremonies etc. Songs depicting bravery and historical events are called Neshide or Sharky.
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For biography of some Turkmen singers please see: http://members.lycos.nl/Kerkuk/B_kersa.html

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