dimanche 4 juillet 2010

The chairman of the Israel Corporation Idan Ofer visited Iraqi Kurdistan

Idan Offer
Photo by Motti Kimche

June 25, 2010

SULAIMANIYAH, Kurdistan region 'Iraq', — Idan Ofer, the chairman of the Israel Corporation, visited Sulaimaniyah in Iraqi Kurdistan a month ago - reports the French Jewish website JSS and Intelligence Online. JSS revealed that Ofer, accompanied by six businessmen, flew from an unidentified European city on May 27 to meet with senior Kurdistani officials, www.ekurd.net including Vice President Kosrat Rasul Ali and Prime Minister Barham Salih. The visit was to show support for the Kurdish people and help develop economic ties between Kurdistan and Israel.

Ofer is interested in investing in developing oil installations in Kirkuk, reported JSS, as well as building refineries in conjunction with European and Asian partners. Kurdish officials view worsening Turkish-Israeli ties as an opportunity to strengthen their relations with Israel.

Ofer's spokesman said he does not comment on Ofer's schedule or private affairs.- Idan Ofer Chairman since 1999. Prior to being elected Chairman of Israel Corp., Mr. Ofer spent a total of 15 years in Hong Kong, Singapore and the US where he was active in the shipping and offshore oil storage industries. Mr. Ofer serves as Chairman of Better Place and director of numerous Ofer Group companies. He is also engaged in a variety of venture capital and energy projects. Mr. Ofer holds a BA from Haifa University in Economics and Shipping and studied at the London School of Business where since 1999 he holds a Fellowship.

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