samedi 10 juillet 2010

Temperatures soar to 51 centigrade in Baghdad as electricity supplies worsen

By Fatima Kamal

Azzaman, July 10, 2010

Temperatures in Baghdad hit 51 centigrade in the shade on Saturday and the heat wave is forecast to continue for a few more days, Iraqi meteorologist Mahmoud Latif said.

“This the temperate we have in the shade,” the meteorologists add. “We are one centigrade above the middle boiling point and in the shade.”

Temperatures will certainly break the 51-centigrade barrier, unprecedented in Baghdad’s scorching heat, outside shaded areas.

The heat wave comes amid reports of fresh attacks targeting high-voltage pylons in several areas in the country. At least six such pylons have been destroyed, according to Adel Hameed of the Ministry of Electricity.

Hameed said the ministry has mobilized its resources to repair the damage and that two pylons have already been reconstructed.

Meantime, the health authorities advise Iraqis not to walk under the sun unprotected.

“We advise the citizens not stay under the sun for long periods of time and try to drink as much fluids as possible,” Dr. Karima Mousa said.

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