mercredi 21 juillet 2010

ITF E.U. representative Dr. Hassan Aydinli visits Mr. Mohammed Al-Doreky, Ambassador of Iraq to the Kingdom of Belgium

On 17th June 2010 Dr. Hassan AYDINLI, ITF EU Representative and Mrs. Merry FITZGERALD of Europe-Iraqi Turkmens Friendships Association, paid a visit to his Excellency Mr. Mohammed AL-DOREKY, Ambassador of Iraq to the Kingdom of Belgium.

The purpose of Dr. AYDINLI’s visit was to update the Ambassador on the situation of the Turkmens in Iraq and to inform him about their claims and expectations.

Dr. Hassan AYDINLI presented several books to the Ambassador, namely:

- Mr. Erşat HÜRMÜZLÜ’s book : “The Turkmen Reality in Iraq”

- Mr. Suphi SAATCI’s book: “Kirkuk”

- Mr. Maher Al-NAQIB’s book: “Kerkuk”

The Ambassador showed great interest in these books and thanked ITF Representative for updating him regarding the situation of the Turkmens and Kerkuk.

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