mercredi 15 février 2012

Iraqi Turkmen Front denounces the discrimination of the Ownership Suits Board regarding the Turkmens' properties and lands which were confiscated and occupied before April 2003.

Bulletin about the ownership suits


The problem of properties and lands ownership and disputes in Kirkuk particularly and in Mousul and Salahaldin are still suspended and considered as the most complicated cases that hinder the progress of the political process in Iraq and it include confiscated and plundered lands cases due to racist reasons.

Ownership Suits Board whose work is extremely slow is trying to give an impression that all raised cases had been settled, it issued a decision to integrate Kirkuk, Toz Kharmato, Salahaldin and Balad branches and its excuse is that 90% of cases were resolved. However, the truth is that few percentage were only resolved and a big proportion of cases are still waiting for a final solution from the discrimination court that could return some cases to the Board again without solving them. For example from 8000 cases in Taza region , 2700 cases were revoked, whereas in Bashir only 303 cases from 1422 cases were settled and the cases that were supposed to be settled were either returned or cancelled and will be transferred to primary court to look at them and they are still unresolved.

Iraqi Turkmen Front confirmed that the integration decision aroused suspicions because it expropriated the rights of the original landlords from Turkmen so; it requires its immediate cancellation and the Board with all its branches in Kirkuk and other mentioned regions to return the right to its quorum. Iraqi Turkmen Front confirms that it demands Turkmen rights as well as Kurdish and Arabic rights from the original Kirkuk's population whose lands had been occupied and confiscated before April 2003. Article 136 of the Iraqi constitution dictated that the Board is independent, it determined its work mechanism and the wide lines and accordingly it works by coordination with judicial authority and executive systems according to the law.

The Front demands the necessity of taking time in solving the discriminated cases till endorsement of a decision from the minister's council concerning cancellation of the disintegrated Revolution leadership council and North Affairs Committee that according to them the lands were confiscated and repossessed, we demand the deputy council the necessity to speed up amendment of law no. 13 of 2010 that caused harm to the original components of Kirkuk.

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