samedi 18 février 2012

Turkmens are once again targeted in Kerkuk: Assassination attempt on General Turhan Abdulrahman


The Turkmens are once again a target.

During certain intervals there are acts of terror and violence taking place in Kirkuk as there is in the country in general. Last night in Kirkuk while the vehicle convoy of Kirkuk Deputy Chief of Police General Turhan Abdurrahman was passing through the neighborhood of Arafa, fire was opened on the convoy by unidentified armed assailants. While no lives were lost in the armed attack targeting General Turhan in an unsuccessful assassination attempt some material losses were suffered by the vehicles in the convoy.

General Turhan Abdurrahman made a statement to Turkmeneli Television and said that unidentified armed assailants had approached the convoy with 3 vehicles and opened fire. He said that the confrontation between the terrorists and the bodyguards lasted approximately 30 minutes.

Later the terrorists escaped to an unknown destination. The investigation regarding the incident is ongoing.

The Iraqi Turkmen Front Information Bureau released a statement regarding the incident. In the published statement the unsuccessful assassination attempt made against Kirkuk Deputy Chief of Police General Turhan Abdulrahman was condemned with vehemence. In the statement it was also stated that such attacks organized against law enforcement officers was a sign of the poor security situation in the city. In the statement, the Iraqi Turkmen Front also demanded that a comprehensive investigation regarding the incident is started.

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