vendredi 17 août 2012

Iraq officials: Over 90 dead in Thursday's attacks

By By ADAM SCHRECK | Associated Press 


Associated Press/Emad Matti - People and security forces inspect the scene of a car bomb attack in Kirkuk, 290 kilometers (180 miles) north of Baghdad, Iraq, Thursday, Aug 16, 2012. Five separate bombings in …more 
People and security forces inspect …
BAGHDAD (AP) — Police and hospital officials say the death toll from a blistering string of all-day attacks across Iraq on Thursday has risen to more than 90.
Included among the casualties disclosed Friday were 21 people killed when a car bomb detonated shortly before midnight near an ice cream shop in Baghdad's southeastern Zafaraniyah neighborhood.
Officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to release the information to reporters.
Funerals got under way Friday for those killed in the attacks. In the Baghdad Shiite neighborhood of Sadr City, dozens of people carried the coffins of relatives through the streets. Some mourners wept, while others sought solace by chanting "God is great." A bomb there Thursday evening left 14 dead.

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