jeudi 9 août 2012

Chairman of Turkmen Community in Syria, Yusuf Molla:"Collapse of Al-Assad's regime is a matter of time"

HATAY (AA) – August 8, 2012 – Chairman of Turkmen Community in Syria, Yusuf Molla, has said, "Al-Assad is losing its powers one by one, the collapse of his regime is a matter of time now."
Riad Hijab's attendance to anti-Assad opposition was celebrated by Syrians in the camp erected for them in southern town of Yayladagi. Syrians follow all the developments in their country via televisions at the camps and they said that after Hijab's incident, Al-Assad lost big part of his power. 
Chairman of Turkmen Community in Syria, Yusuf Molla talked to AA saying that the regime in Syria is not so strong, once the regime struggles, it will crack.
Molla stated that Al-Assad's regime made an offer to Syrian Turkmens and said, "Al-Assad's government and intelligence officers want to talk and negotiate with Turkmens who fight in Latakia. They said to us "Call here autonomous Turk region and you take the control, but you state that you leave the opposition". We share this for the first time. This shows us that the end of Al-Assad is coming."
Molla continued saying that most of the commissioned officers and several civil servants left their positions and noted, "The resignation of Prime Minister Riad Hijab and two other ministers shows us that this is the end of their regime. Is there anybody left to resign? Al-Assad is losing one by one. Collapse of the regime is a matter of time. If he wants to save his life, then he should leave the country as soon as possible."
Molla added that Syrians are happy because they know that Al-Assad will be gone soon and he highlighted that Syrian community was amazed with the resignation of Hijab and his admission to opponents. 
Molla underlined that 60 percent of the Syria is under control of Free Syrian Army and pointed that the only worrying dispute is the Kurdish formation in the north of Syria.
Reporting by Erdal Turkoglu

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