mercredi 13 novembre 2013


12 NOVEMBER 2013

Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmet Davutoğlu continues with his contacts in Iraq. In the morning Davutoğlu shall proceed from Baghdad to Necef and met with Shiite leader Sistani. The meeting which went on for over an hour was closed to the press.

After the meeting Davutoğlu held a press conference and indicated that Sistani was an important person in the world and that he had brought the greetings of 76 million. Davutoğlu emphasized that the sectoral conflict in the region must be stopped immediately.

On the other hand Davutoğlu was a guest on a program broadcast by TRT Türk from the Embassy in Baghdad.

At the mutual press conference held with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iraq Hoşyar Zebari, Davutoğlu said that a new leaf had been turned in terms of affairs between the two countries and underlined that for Turkey all neighbors were important but that there was a more profound, complementary and special status with Iraq.

Davutoğlu indicated that the meetings in Iraq had been very successful and gave the following when asked the question, “What is your view on the position of relations between Turkey and Iraq”:

“Turkey has delivered 3 fundamental messages. The first one is that relations will be developed on the highest level comprehensively without being influenced by any developments. Secondly elections will be held in Iraq on the 30th of April. Elections have the impact of a vaccine against all forms of viruses in societies. That is, elections rally the social, political constitution which brings new blood. Unfortunately incidents have become gangrenous because elections are not held in our region. Dynamism is generated when there is a form of consensus between the people and the administration. In itself it is so precious that elections are held with ease in Iraq regardless of the results … Today when confidence in elections has been compromised in Egypt, the people are unable to have elections in Syria, as Tunisia has entered a fragile election environment, as the transition process is incomplete in Yemen it is important not only for Iraq which has a more complex social structure than any of the others that Iraq is able to aspire to a self-replacement level but for the whole region as well. From this perspective Turkey embraces all groups … The third message is that there is a conjuncture in our region in which sectoral conflicts are increasingly instigated by some groups in the context of Syria. The hall mark of Iraq is that it is a miniature of the Middle East. All the ethnic elements in the Middle East are present in Iraq. If peace is possible in Iraq then peace will reign in the Middle East. If peace cannot be established the whole region will be negatively influenced.”

Davutoğlu underlined the importance of standing shoulder to shoulder in terms of Turkey-Iraqi affairs within this framework.

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