mardi 12 novembre 2013


Iraqi Turkmen Front Press Bulletin, Kirkuk, 09th November 2013

• A critical process involving important decisions closely involving the Turkmen has been incepted in Iraq.

• It has become mandatory that the efforts of the ITF to embrace all Turkmen groups are increased in order to enable faster response and flexibility in terms of the decision making of the ITF in this process and achieve the dignity and power to influence that we deserve in Iraqi politics.

• As it has before, the ITF shall spend every effort to ensure that the Turkmen which are one of the fundamental elements of the Iraqi society act in a spirit of unity and emerge from this process even stronger.

• Regardless of what our faith and political opinions may be our common denominator is Turkmen brotherhood and solidarity and the ITF will continue resolutely with its struggle along this path.

• The ITF shall be in close cooperation with all the elements in Iraq while it progresses with its efforts.

• Empowered by the Iraqi Turkmen Assembly the ITF will operate with the slogan to serve all Turkmen.
Within this framework the ITF Executive Board convened on the 9th of November 2013 Saturday in Kirkuk and made the following decisions:
• In order to enable the ITF to have stronger representative skills and defend the Turkmen cause in a team spirit two ITF Vice Presidency positions have been established to support the ITF President. Hasan Turan was appointed First Vice President of ITF and Haydar Kasapoğlu was appointed ITF Vice President.

• Hicran Kazancı has been appointed as a member of the ITF Executive Board. Within the framework of the ITF Coordinatorship established within the structure of the ITF Kazancı will undertake the duty of ITF Coordinator and strengthen external relations.

• Mehmet Ali Efendioğlu, ITF Province Director of Mosul has been appointed as a member of the ITF Executive Board.

• Heytem Muhtaroğlu has been appointed ITF Province Director of Selahaddin province.

• Necessary measures will be taken to enhance the strength and significance of ITF women and youth organizations.

• Voters registries and election participation rates of cities with Turkmen populations shall be taken into consideration in the formulation of the structure of the ITF Executive Board.

• The ITF decided to establish a Communication Strategy for the elections as well as communicating the Turkmen cause.

• The ITF shall resolutely continue to be the voice of the Turkmen people in Iraq and defender of their rights.

• With this opportunity we commemorate all the martyrs of the Turkmen cause and declare to the public that as ITF we will take all possible measures to ensure the security of the Turkmen.

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