mercredi 1 janvier 2014


30 ARALIK 2013

The general elections to take place on the 30th of April 2014 were discussed at the meeting organized by the Iraqi Turkmen Front (ITF). The meeting chaired by the Head of the Iraqi Turkmen Front and Kirkuk MP Erşat Salihi was also attended by ITF Coordinator and Turkey Representative Dr. Hicran Kazancı, ITF Deputy Head Hasan Turan, ITF Election Department Head Münir Kafili, executive board members, political department representatives and other authorities.

The preparations for the general elections were discussed at the meeting and a reminder not to give those who wanted to compromise the unity of Turkmen a chance. The importance of the concurrence of all statements made to the press including the Kirkuk Turkmen Front List and encouraging Turkmen to participate in the elections was underlined.

Head of ITF and Kirkuk MP Erşat Salihi said that the electronic cards would be distributed to the voters by the Independent High Electoral Commission in the near future and that everyone must get such a card. Salihi pointed out that terror attacks in Turkmen regions had escalated and warned that, “As elections draw closer Iraq might experience tension”. Salihi reminded that the security measures in Iraq were far from sufficient and that initially those living in Tuzhurmatu needed to know the newcomers who took up residence in their streets and watch out for what is going on in front of their doors.

Salihi emphasized that the Kirkuk Turkmen Front List was the list of all Turkmen and said, “Our aim is to achieve more unity. Our nation must be aware that terror has united against us”. Salihi indicated that everyone must take part in the elections saying, “I am sure of the Turkmen nation. The Turkmen nation is an ambitious nation”.

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