mardi 21 janvier 2014



The Turkmen Martyrs Cemetery was visited by officials on the 16th of January on Turkmen Martyrs Day. Those participating in the visit to the cemetery commemorated the martyrs with respect and mercy.

Members of the Turkmen leading cadre Colonel Abdullah Abdurrahman, Assistant Professor Dr. Necdet Koçak, Dr. Rıza Demirci, Adil Şerif and their comrades were executed by the former regime on the 16th of January 1980.

The Turkmen political party and movements, youth organizations and non-governmental organizations convened at martyr Necdet Koçak’s gravesite at the Musalla Cemetery in Kirkuk.

The Head of the Iraqi Turkmen Front Erşat Salihi and Executive Board Member Münir Kafili also attended the commemoration ceremony. A Fatiha was recited at the grave of the martyr and wreaths were placed on the gravesite.

The Honorary Head of the Iraqi Turkmen Front Dr. Sadettin Ergeç made a speech at the cemetery saying, “We have reached the point we are today with the blood of our martyrs. We must take ownership of our history. Let’s take ownership of our land”.

The Head of the Iraqi Turkmen Front and Kirkuk MP Erşat Salihi said that the Turkmen owed their existence to the struggle of the martyrs.

Deputy Head of the Turkmen Decision Party Yavuz Ömer Adil, Head of Turkmen Veterans Association Yaşar Vindavi and ITF Kirkuk Province Directorate Organization Officer Muhammet Saman were among those attending the ceremony.

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