lundi 23 novembre 2009

Iraqi Turkmen Front Mosul Head assassinated

Yavuz Efendioğlu, President of the Iraqi Turkmen Front in Mosul, was assassinated at his house on Sunday.

Yavuz Efendioğlu was known for his efforts to protect the unity and unitarian structure of Iraq.

The incident was met with reactions among Iraqi Turkmen, and condemnation from Turkey.

According to Turkmen officials, unidentified men arrived at Efendioğlu's house Sunday night and asked his son that they wanted to see his father and shot him dead when he answered the door. The attackers fled the scene immediately.

Efendioğlu, who had been an executive member of the Iraqi Turkmen Front (ITF) for 4 years, devoted himself to protect unity and unitarian structure of Iraq.

Efendioğlu was considered to run for parliamentary elections in Iraq to be held soon.

Iraqi Turkmen community has condemned the attack, and demanded the government to find the attackers.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has phoned Iraqi Turkmen leaders and extended his condolences.

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