vendredi 13 novembre 2009

Turkmen Speaker in Al-Jazeera "Inside Iraq" Programme

Turkmen Speaker in Al Jazeera

Turkmen opinion on the latest Election Law in Iraq will be explained by Orhan Kettaneh from Istanbul in Jasim Azzawi´s “Inside Iraq” program.

Representing the Arab view will be Dr. Munthir Al-Adhami from London.

The view of the Kurds will be presented by Feryad Rawanduzi from Beirut.

The programme will be broadcast several times, so many people get a chance to see it.

Here are all timings according to GMT:

17:30 GMT (19:30 in Turkey- 20:30 in Kerkuk)
22:30 GMT (24:30 in Turkey- 1.30 in Kerkuk)

03:00 GMT (5:00 Turkey, 6:0 Kerkuk)
08:30 GMT (10:30 Turkey, 11:30 Kerkuk)

06:00 GMT (8:00 Turkey, 9:00 Kerkuk)
12:30 GMT (14.30 Turkey, 15:30 Kerkuk)

01:30 GMT (3:30 Turkey, 4:30 Kerkuk)
About a week after first broadcast, the show can also be viewed online on Al- Jazeera website:
(in the Programmes section)

It can be viewed also in Youtube under “Inside Iraq” title.

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