mardi 25 mai 2010

UNICEF: PKK keeps child militants in its Camps

UNICEF: PKK keeps child militants in its Camps

Copenhagen, May 24 (AKnews) - While the echoes of the links between a Kurdish satellite channel ROJ TV and the PKK is still continuing in Denmark; the photos of children being used as militants in PKK Camps have motivated UNICEF to act.

ROJ TV is a Kurdish satellite broadcaster which publishes in Kurdish and Turkish as well. The managing director of the Copenhagen-based TV Maonucher Zanaazi said he was in contact with Murat Karayilan, a leader of the PKK via satellite phone calls since a long time.

Now they are accused of links with PKK and the publishing of photos of children militants in PKK camps has deteriorated the issue.UNICEF's Denmark representative Steen Andersen said they will examine the issue after the publication of the photos in a Daneish daily Berlignske Tidende.

Young children being used as militants in the camps is an absolute clue of their rights being abused, Anderson said, before adding that they will send official UNICEF observers to the region to monitor the living conditions of the children in the camps. He said they will be following the developments in the coming days.

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