lundi 8 novembre 2010

Denmark: European children fighting for PKK, claims former ROJ TV chief

Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende continues to publish more information about ROJ TV and the PKK. Their most recent report reveals that the PKK is using children-soldiers. Pictures tkaen by former ROJ-TV director, Manouchehr Zonoozi, show youth, the youngest of which is supposedly 14-16, and Zonoozi claims he saw children in the camps as young as 8-9.
(more pictures here)

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Putting aside the issue of using children as soldiers, Zonoozi makes another very interesting claim. He says that most children in the camps come from Iran or Europe, and don't have their parents with them.The youngest get school education, the older ones are trained in using weapons, fighting and Kurdish history, with emphasis on the PKK and the movement's founder, Abdullah Öcalan."In an asylum camp in Iraq I met a Syrian-Kurdish family. They were looking for their daughter, who fled to the PKK. But the PKK didn't want to give her back to the family. I was really upset at that," says Manouchehr Zonoozi.
Source: Berlingske Tidende (Danish)

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