samedi 13 novembre 2010

Iraqi Turkmen Front Parliamentarian Group declaration

Iraqi Turkmen Front Parliamentarian Group published a declaration.

It is a known fact that the Iraqi nation consists of various nationality and ethnic groups; the Turkmen nation represents the strong bond among Iraq's nations. This is because the Turkmen people represent the third nation in Iraq. However, due to national and sectarian reasons the Turkmen people have been subject to various cruelties and survived some major atrocities throughout the history of Iraqi governments. Regardless, throughout Iraq's history the Turkmen have remained loyal to Iraq and served Iraq with nothing less than would be expected from an honorable citizen.

Today, the political groups in Iraq have come to an understanding regarding the final phases of setting up a government in Iraq and how to distribute the national partnerships and claims between the mentioned government and authorities. For this reason, us, the Iraq Turkmen Parliamentarian Group appeals to all the political group leaders in Iraq to put serious effort into giving the Turkmen people their national rights and give the Iraq National Assembly Presidency to the Turkmen. The three main organs in Iraq have been distributed based on national remuneration and the Turkmen Members of parliament, in addition to being distributed in the lists which were successful in the elections, also incontestably represent the backbone of Iraq.

Iraqi Turkmen Front Parliamentarian Group

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