samedi 20 novembre 2010

Press Statement: Iraq Ministry of Construction and Housing delivers Iraq’s National Housing Policy in cooperation with UN-HABITAT

7th November, 2010. Baghdad

- As a result of UN-HABITAT’s assistance to Iraq’s Ministry of Construction and Housing, a National Housing Policy was prepared which aims to address Iraq’s housing shortage, currently estimated at approximately 2 million units. The pro-poor policy was prepared through a consultative process over 18 months, involving a range of Government and non- Government stakeholders, with the support of national and international experts.

The policy shifts the Government of Iraq’s emphasis from being a primary provider of housing to enabling the scaling up of housing delivery through supporting the engagement of private sector and other actors in the sector. The policy was launched by the Ministry of Construction and Housing on World Habitat Day October 4th 2010, and officially endorsed by the Cabinet of Ministers Session 43 on 2nd November 2010.

The Cabinet of Ministers requested all concerned ministries to take action to work in accordance with the Policy and its Implementation Plan. Mr. Istabraq Al Shouk, Senior Deputy Minister for Construction and Housing stated that “The Ministry of Construction and Housing appreciates a healthy cooperation with UN-HABITAT, which has led to this significant achievement in the development of Iraq’s Housing Sector.” Doudou Mbye, Head of Mission for UN-HABITAT Iraq stated that “UN-HABITAT intends to continue supporting the Ministry in the preparation of legislation, institutional and technical actions as needed in order to implement the Housing Policy.”

The policy and more information on the housing sector can be found on the Iraq Ministry of Construction and Housing website,

Doudou Mbye
Head of Mission
UN Habitat Iraq Programme
Amman, Jordan

Istabraq Al Shouk
Senior Deputy Minister
Ministry of Construction and Housing
Baghdad, Iraq

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