vendredi 23 septembre 2011

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan UN General Assembly Speech

Erdogan: Israel is source of instability in Middle East

Turkish Prime Minister, Rajab Tayyeb Erdogan, confirmed in a speech to the UN General Assembly Thursday evening that Israel is the source of instability in the Middle East.

"The UN should be a power of right and justice for peace not war," he pointed out, adding that "In order to achieve these criteria, there is a fundamental problem which is the Israeli-Arab conflict."

Erdogan considered that interests and politics prevent justice to be achieved, pointed out that Israel does not implement the UN resolutions, wondering if the UN Security Council has the power to impose the same sanctions on Israel as it imposes them on Sudan.

"Israel is producing nuclear bombs and nobody takes action against it, but if any state does that, the international community immediately imposes sanctions," he state.

He stressed that Israel must respect others in order to maintain its security, saying that the ongoing Israeli violence should not be continued.

"Israel did not comply with 89 international resolutions," said he.

"We must impose peace by power because it is the means of the UN," emphasized he, considering, "Turkey wants peace to spread in the Middle East, and we have no problem with the Israel people but with the Israeli government."

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