dimanche 7 octobre 2012

Fourth European Parliament - Iraq Interparliamentary Meeting in Brussels

ITF EU Representative Dr Hassan Aydinli attended the 4th European Parliament – Iraq Interparliamentary Meeting in Brussels

On 25th September 2012 an Iraqi Delegation was received at the European Parliament in Brussels.

The Iraqi Delegation was composed of the following Iraqi MPs:                                            
Mr. Sadiq Humadi AL-RIKABI, Member of the Committee on Foreign Relations
Ms. Safiya Talib AL-SUHAIL
Mr. Hasan Khudhair Abbas HAMADANI (did not attend)
Ms. Ashwaq Najem Al  Deen AL-JAF
And 2 coordinator – staffs: Ms. Amal Hazim AL ZUBAIDI and Ms. Rafeef BASIM MOHAMMED.

Other Attendees (Iraqi side from Brussels):
Ms. Jwan KHIOKA, of the Iraqi Embassy, representing the Iraqi Ambassador to Brussels who was in New York  attending the UN General Assembly
Dr Hassan AYDINLI, Iraqi Turkmen Front (ITF) EU representative
Mrs. Merry FITZGERALD,  Europe-Turkmen Friendships
Mr. Zana KURDA, KRG Mission to the European Union

Members of the EU Parliament:
Mr. Struan STEVENSON, Chair of the Delegation for relations with Iraq
Mr. Elmar BROK, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee
Ms. Tarja CRONBERG, Chair of the Delegation for Relations with Iran
Mr. Tunne KELAM
Ms. Alexandra THEIN
Ambassador Hansjorg HABER, Director and Civilian Operations Commander of the Civilian Planning and Conduct Capability
Ms. Patricia LLOMBART-CUSSAC, Head of Division Arabian Peninsula, Iran and Iraq at the European External Action Service (EEAS)
Mr. Mario MAURO, Rapporteur Partnership and Cooperation Agreement EU-IRAQ,
Ms. Amalia SARTORI, Chair of ITRE Committee (Industry, Research and Energy)
Ms. Paula ABREU-MARQUES, Head of Unit, DG Energy, European Commission
Mr. Olivier De LAROUSSILHE, Head of Unit South Mediterranean and Middle East, DG Trade, European Commission.
Mr. Jean Barbé, AidCo representative
Mr. Dirk Fokke Toornstra, Director of OPPD
Mrs. Eleonora Catella, Business Association representative,

Before the start of the morning session,  ITF EU Representative, Dr Hassan AYDINLI, welcomed the Iraqi Parliamentarians to the European Capital, wishing them a successful Meeting with the European participants and a fruitful exchange of views with the EU representatives and policy makers.

Having noticed, once more, the absence of a Turkmen parliamentarian in the Iraqi Delegation to the EU Parliament, he deplored this anomaly and complained about it to the head of the Iraqi Delegation Mr. Sadiq AL-RIKABI, telling him that he felt that the Delegation had once more been composed on a wrong basis as it did not represent the Iraqi people entirely, given the absence of a Turkmen representative in the Delegation. Dr Hassan AYDINLI added that unfortunately, this is not the first time that such anomaly has occurred as it seems that it has become a rule in the Iraqi Parliament to marginalize the Turkmens when composing Delegations to visit important foreign countries and institutions like the European Parliament, despite the fact that the same Iraqi Parliament has recognized that the Turkmens represent the Iraqi people’s  third main component.

ITF EU Representative Dr Hassan Aydinli asked Mr. Sadiq AL-RIKABI to transmit his remarks and his complaint about the absence of a Turkmen representative in the Delegation to whom the matter may concern in Iraq and especially to the President of the Iraqi Parliament Mr. Usama AL-NUJEYFI, hoping that the above mentioned anomaly will cease soon and that a Turkmen representative will be part of all future Iraqi Delegations visiting important foreign capitals and/or institutions.

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