dimanche 24 février 2013

Iraqi High Commission of Human Rights - Statement regarding the recent attack on Iraqi Turkmens

Iraqi High Commission of Human Rights 

Statement regarding the recent attack on Iraqi Turkmens 

IHCHR is monitoring closely with huge concern, the systematic terrorist attack to one important component of Iraq and that is the Turkmen community.

It's clear that the Turkmens have been subjected to terrorism, bombing, kidnappings and assassinations, which violates their rights and their security; confirmed by the international treatment that is signed by Iraq and the Iraqi constitution in Art. 15.

And we take as an example the terrorist attack which took place on Wednesday 23/1/2013 in Tuzkhormato on unarmed citizens, killing 42 Turkmens and injuring more than 92 others.

And for this issue the IHCHR request the following:

- The official organizations to take the necessary actions to provide security and protection for all Iraqi citizens generally and the Turkmen especially because they have been targeted on a large scale and more than one time in recent events.

- The investigation organizations to show the results of their investigations in these accidents that targets the Iraqi people and to show the murderers of these operations to the public to take their fair punishments for the terrorist operations they carried out.

- The governmental organizations to reveal the quick indemnity of the martyrs and injured people and their families and the people whom have been affected in their way of life.

We also demand the legislative power to quickly issue decisions of protecting the Iraqi people especially the Turkmen Community.

At the end we condemn the shedding all Iraqi blood and assaults on the general or private property and we ask God to inspire patience to the martyrs' families and to heal the wounded.

Iraqi High Commission of Human Rights

Wednesday 30/1/2013

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