lundi 25 février 2013

The Nexus Of Turkey’s Energy And Foreign Policy With Iraqi Kurdish Oil: The Iranian Connection

Türkiye’nin Enerji ve Dış Politikasının Irak Kürt Petrolü ile İlişkisi: 
İran Bağlantısı

In the post-American Iraqi energy conundrum,
Turkey’s foreign policy and energy strategy have
diverged. Ankara’s energy interest is vested in the
Kurdish north on the one hand, whereas due to
its own Kurdish question and geopolitical competition
with Iran, its conventional foreign policy
favors a powerful center in Baghdad on the other.
To further complicate matters, the Al-Maliki led
Shiite Baghdad government’s “omnibalancing”
among various stake holders from domestic
(Shiites, Sunnis, Kurds) and international (Iran, the
US, Turkey) domains, has placed restrictions on
Turkey’s options. In this light, this paper argues
that Turkey’s conventional foreign policy concerning
.Iraq is unsustainable, and thus should be revised in a
way that conforms to its energy strategy.

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