dimanche 8 décembre 2013

Nineteen year old Iraqi Turkmen student kidnapped for ransom in Kirkuk

This will not make the headlines

KIRKUK - A Nineteen year old Turkmen student kidnapped for ransom.

Nine days ago, one of our relatives in Kirkuk, a 19-year old student, was abducted on his way home after leaving the University. 

The kidnappers have contacted his parents by phone to say they want a ransom. 

As it is impossible for his family to gather the huge sum of money the kidnappers demand, the father is trying to negotiate with them.

A nightmare!

The abduction of Turkmens in Iraq (academics, political leaders, engineers, intellectuals, businessmen, children) has been going on for years and unfortunately there is no sign it will stop as the authorities and the police are not taking the necessary and urgent steps to ensure the safety of the Turkmen community.

To me it seems that this is part of a plan to further weaken the Turkmen community, to prevent the Turkmens from playing a leading role in the Iraqi society.

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