dimanche 8 décembre 2013

The Turkmen are upset with the governor of Kirkuk

“We are upset with the governor.”

The Turkmen are upset with the governor of Kirkuk over his decisions during the December 4th attacks as the Kurds neither protect themselves nor the Turkmen and they do not let the central government to do so, according to a Turkmen member of the Kirkuk Provincial Council.
Najat Hussein
Najat Hussein

Turkmen member of the KPC Najat Hussein told Kirkuk Now “The Turkmen are really upset with the governor over the attacks of the Iraqi Intelligence Service on December 4th.”

“The commander of the Tigris Forces offered to provide air support to control the whole situation but Najmadin Karim refused and opted to call backup forces from Sulaymaniah and those forces caused harm to a number of Turkmen houses and stores,” Hussein stated.

“The reality tells us, the Kurds are not protecting us and they do not allow the central government to protect us.

The Kurds claim that Kirkuk and Taza Khurmatu are parts of Kurdistan, and if so, why they do not offer any sort of protection to the Turkmen in those areas?” Hussein added.
Heavy armed clashes between a group of gunmen and security forces of Kirkuk lasted for more than 12 hours on Wednesday, December 4, and resulted in the deaths of 10 civilians and security members as well as leaving another 109 injured and with all of the six gunmen being killed.

Aso Hamid – Kirkuk Now

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