mardi 2 septembre 2008

Kurdish Aggression Unjustifiable

In the midst of the Iraqi parliament’s approbation of the Local Elections Law, the city of Kirkuk became the venue for Kurdish political parties and its followers to protest and express their discontent for the law. Instead of holding peaceful demonstrations, the Kurds resorted to overtly violent measures as a means to get their message across to the Iraqi parliament. Unfortunately, these Kurdish “protesters” unjustifiably targeted numerous Turkmen facilities – namely, the headquarters of the Iraqi Turkmen Front, Turkmeneli Party, and the Political Prisoners & Martyr Turkmen Families Party. Echoing similar behaviour of any typical terrorist group, the assailants continued to sabotage and burn down these buildings, as well as intimidate and attack innocent civilians.

The Bir Ocak Turkmen Cultural Association deeply condemn these actions and call upon the United Nations and other leading human rights organizations to commence a serious investigation of these protests. Because the U.S and Iraqi forces was not able to monitor and prevent these so-called “demonstrators” from attacking facilities and terrorizing innocent civilians, we call upon you to suggest a political solution for Kirkuk. We are confident that if this critical matter is neglected, the citizens of the city of Kirkuk will resort to a bloody civil war. Thus, we implore that you take the initiative to interfere on this matter.

Ahmad Yilmaz
M.A, The University of Chicago
Member, Bir Ocak Turkmen Cultural Association, Chicago


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