jeudi 27 novembre 2008

The « Fait accompli » imposed by the Kurds in Kerkuk is inadmissible!

Kerkuk 'Final Masterplan Report - October 2008'

Kerkuk Province Council has published what it calls the ‘Final Masterplan Report – October 2008’ on its website:

Please see:

Looking at the maps of Kerkuk shown on Kerkuk Provincial Council website, it is clear that important infrastructures will be built to accommodate the thousands of Kurdish settlers who were brought to Kerkuk by the parties of the Kurdish warlords Barzani and Talabani (PDK and PUK) after 10th April 2003. These Kurdish settlers were settled in Kerkuk to alter the city’s demography.

Indeed, taking advantage of the chaos which prevailed in Iraq after the US-UK invasion the Kurdish militias invaded and occupied Kerkuk on 10th April 2008. Subsequently the Kurdish parties brought over 600.000 Kurds from the Kurdish autonomous region as well as from neighbouring countries (Syria, Iran and Turkey) and settled them in Kerkuk and its surroundings. These newly arrived Kurds occupied Iraqi government buildings, sports stadium, military camps, military personnel housing and compounds in and around Kerkuk and the remaining are now living in makeshift houses and slums established on the lands belonging to the Turkmens.

Contrary to what the Kurds are claiming, the majority of these Kurdish settlers had not been evicted from Kerkuk by Saddam Hussein and they had no links whatsoever with the city. These Kurdish “immigrants” have no houses to return to and no legal identification papers or deeds proving that they owned properties or land in Kerkuk.

The Kurds’ aim is to kurdify oil-rich Kerkuk and claim that the city has a Kurdish majority, placing its original inhabitants, the Turkmens and Arabs in front of a ‘fait accompli’.

This is part of the Machiavellian plan of the Kurdish warlords to annex Kerkuk to their autonomous Kurdistan region through a referendum called for by the infamous Article 140, which was conceived and written by the Kurds and which has been incorporated under the pressure of their lobby in the “New Iraqi Constitution”.

All IRAQIS who are opposed to this “fait accompli” by the Kurds, are urged to write to the Kerkuk Provincial Council at to express their opposition and disapproval of this ‘Masterplan’ which has been elaborated to accommodate Kurdish settlers in Kerkuk thereby accepting the “de facto” kurdification of the city.

They should also demand for Turkish to be added to the languages on Kerkuk Provincial Council Website. Currently only Arabic, Kurdish and English (!) are mentioned. This is inadmissible, the Turkmens’ culture and identity should not continue to be undermined if Iraq is to become a democratic country!

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In the meantime, the Iraqi Property Claims Commission (IPCC) hasn’t done anything to compensate the Turkmens for the loss of their properties and lands, confiscated under the former regime. From the 35.000 claims which have been handed to the Commission in Kerkuk four years ago, the Commission has dealt with less than 5.000 claims, all belonging to Kurds, while the remaining 30.000+ claims, ALL belonging to Turkmens, are still ‘pending’.

The Turkmens with their 3 million people, representing 12% of the Iraqi population, are the third main ethnic group composing the Iraqi people, they represent 30% of the population in the north of Iraq where they constitute the second most important ethnic group. Despite these facts, the Turkmens are unjustly referred to as a “minority” in the Iraqi Constitution. Turkmens are also unjustly considered as a “minority” in the “draft Constitution” of the Kurdish region.

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