lundi 24 novembre 2008

Union of Diaspora Turkmens - Communique

(N. America, Europe, Turkey, Australia)

Subject: UDT, supports Prime Minister al-Maliki’s establishment of Support (Isnad) Assemblies and his request for wider legislative authorities.

In the name of the Turkmen associations, movements and committees outside Iraq, UDT, supports Prime Minister al-Maliki’s establishment of Support (Isnad) Assemblies which will strengthen national unity and put an end to the anarchy and chaos in the country.
UDT also supports Prime ministers’ request for wider legislative authorities in order to increase the authority of the central government and get the country under law and order.

Such a move, which gained a great support from the people, in Central and Southern Iraq, is undoubtedly in the interest of the Turkmens who suffered a lot and are still suffering at the hands of the terrorists and separatists. We ask our Turkmen people and its political parties to clearly support the Prime Minister in this great initiative and rally behind him to apply it in the widest scale possible in Turkmeneli and other parts of Northern Iraq.

Since the fall of the dictatorship in Iraq, warlords and thugs, have robbed the country and partitioned it to the level of destruction. Such a people have opposed the Prime Minister in his initiative and threatened to stop him by putting various obstacles in his way.

We as Turkmens around the world would like the Prime Minister to continue in his courageous attempt to unite the country and restore law and order. We are ready to do our best.

Union of Diaspora Turkmens
Executive Board

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