lundi 3 novembre 2008

Iraqi government requests 5 changes in the US Iraqi Agreement

by Raed Jarrar

A number of Iraqi media , like the government owned al-Sabaah newspaper, and a number of my personal contacts in Baghdad say these are the five new changes requested by the Iraqi government:

1- the title will be changed to "agreement on complete US withdrawal from Iraq"

2- ensure that Iraq does have legal jurisdictions over US troops by changing paragraph 9 of article 12 to give the joint committee the responsibility to decide whether U.S. armed forces members were on duty or off-duty when a "major and intentional crime" takes place. In addition, some sources indicated that there might also be a request to change paragraph 8 by removing the part about US armed forces enjoying the rights granted to them by US laws while they are in an Iraqi court.

3- ensure that 2011 is the final date for withdrawal all US troops by removing paragraph 5 of article 25 and other similar articles what might be used to delay the withdrawal date.

4- allow the Iraqi government to inspect US military mail

5- a ban on attacking any neighboring countries from Iraq

These were the five reasons given by a number of major parties in the Iraqi parliament during the latest three sessions of the Iraqi Political Council on National Security (PCNS). This seems like a final attempt by the Iraq executive branch to get some much needed votes in parliament by reaching out to some voices closer to the center. I personally doubt that the executive branch will manage to get 2/3 majority of the parliament ( 184 votes out of the 275).

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