lundi 29 décembre 2008




Since the day Turkmen took active part in the political arena of Iraq there were elements that were uncomfortable with their political existence and unity. Those primary elements are Democratic Party of Kurdistan and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan. The efforts to stand ahead of, slow down the development of and stop the Turkmen political movement has shown itself from the first recovery days of Iraqi opposition.

The plans to prevent the Turkmen unity have been continuing in the “secure zone” established in the Northern Iraq during the Saddam regime before the invasion and in the whole of Iraq after the invasion. “Divide Conquer” policy imposed upon the Turkmen by the Saddam government was sometimes carried out in cooperation with these two Kurdish parties. The tactics to create suspicion, disorder and disturbance among the Turkmen Brotherhood Society, which was active in Baghdad, once upon a time, was imposed upon Turkmen by various methods in Northern Iraq in 1990’s.

Two Kurdish parties, primarily Democratic Party of Kurdistan, put all their efforts to prevent the functioning of political movements which originates from the heart of the Turkmen community and never contradict with the unity and the integrity of Iraq. Despite all these, Turkmen political movement came a long way.

Democratic Party of Kurdistan, which was uncomfortable with the Turkmen political movement in Northern Iraq in 1990’s, came into terms with Saddam and invited Iraqi army an intelligence units to Irbil. Turkmen and Iraqi National Turkmen Party, which is the leading Turkmen political movement, had a severe blow in this operation.

When Democratic Party of Kurdistan saw that this grand operation did not intimidate Turkmen, it started to use another tactic. They gave financial support to some people, who were not respected within the Turkmen community and who were not Turkmen originally, to establish a plate party. By supporting these parties in various ways they put these parties on the fore and showed them as the representatives of the Turkmen. Therefore, in a short period some so-called parties, which did not have a base, were established. The following parties were: Turkmen Brotherhood Party, Iraqi Turkmen Unity Party, Turkmen People Salvation Party, Kurdistan Democratic Turkmen Party, Kurdistan Turkmen Democratic Movement, Kurdistan Region Turkmen Change Movement and Turkmen Rise Party.

The instructions given to the founders of these parties were to prevent the unity of parties and institutions most of which are under the roof of Iraqi Turkmen Front and still continue the Turkmen political movement. Democratic Party of Kurdistan continued to give various political supports to these rented parties.

Lately, Democratic Party of Kurdistan called upon these rented Kurdmen to take action prior to the City Council Elections and to gain a base in Kirkuk and other Turkmen regions under the direction and information of regional president Masud Barzani. They said they are ready to give any kind of assistance while requesting to prepare for the establishment of a new front against the Iraqi Turkmen Front.

Therefore, all Iraqis should know that these Kurdmen Plate Parties, which lack the Turkmen base, do not represent the Turkmen people in any way. It should be very well known that, the star of these traitors will rise for just some time. " Indeed, morning is their appointed time. Is not the morning near? "(Sura Hud -81)

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