lundi 10 août 2009

Attack on the village of KHAZNA, north of Mosul

Note: Contrary to what Prof Juan Cole writes (see hereunder), the Shabaks are not a 'Kurdish people', Shabaks are a Turkic people!!!

Over 40 Dead in Morning Bombings in Baghdad
Monday, August 10, 2009
Iraq woke up to a bloody Monday morning, with three major bombings that left more than 40 dead according to Middle East Online writing in Arabic. The biggest attack was on the village of Khazna north of Mosul, where two truck bombs killed 25 persons, wounded 70, and leveled 35 houses!

This attack was not just mindless violence. Khazna is inhabited by the Shabak, a Kurdish people with their own dialect and their own form of religion, a form of folk Shiism. An attack on Khazna at the present juncture suggests an attempt by the Sunni Arab guerrillas based in Mosul to ethnically cleanse Shiites in Ninevah Province, and possibly to begin the long-feared Arab-Kurdish civil war.

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