mardi 18 août 2009

Iraq's Kurdish Government Negotiating Cabinet Posts; Kurdish Forces Accused of Torture

GMT 8-18-2009
Assyrian International News Agency

North Iraq (AINA) -- Rudaw newspaper reported that the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) have not made a final decision about each other's share in the new cabinet.

Reportedly, there are several options: one is that the Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister/PUK Vice Secretary-General Dr. Barham Salih will be KRG Prime Minster for two years, and current KRG Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani will either replace Dr. Salih and become Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister or become a second KRG vice president (in this scenario, the KRG presidency will have two vice presidents). Rudaw reported that KDP member Mohamed Mahmud will be IKP Speaker, PUK member Dr. Arsalan Bayeez will be IKP Deputy Speaker, and KDP member Farsat Sofy will be IKP Secretary. PUK Politburo member Saedy Pira stated that in the following days both politburos will meet and make a final decision.

Four Party Coalition Will End

Chawder newspaper reported that the coalition of four political parties (Kurdistan Islamic Union, Kurdistan Islamic Group, Social Democratic Party, and Toiler Party) will end and will not run in the upcoming elections as one list. The newspaper reported that the two Islamic parties will no longer form coalitions with secular parties.

Asayeesh Reported to Torture Prisoners

Chawder newspaper reported that according to a report published by the Ministry of Human Rights for April, May, and June 2009, the Kurdish secret police, Asayeesh, in Bardarash Sub-district used torture against four prisoners. In related news, Rozhnama newspaper reported that one prisoner was beaten by four police officers at the Sulaimanyah Police Station. Also Rudaw newspaper reported that the Youth Empowerment Organization published a report, in which it said that police and Asayeesh are still using torture against prisoners in many forms from assault to rape. The report added that human trafficking is present in Kurdistan Region.

Fayli Kurds: Asking for Election Quota

Rozhnama newspaper reported that Fayli Kurds will request to have a quota in the upcoming national elections in January 2010. On Friday, Fayli Kurds held a meeting and announced their list for the upcoming elections under the name of "General National Conference of Fayli Kurds," headed by Sheikh Mohamed Naemany.

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