lundi 14 décembre 2009

U.S. promises to the Kurds rejected by the parliament, few scandals

December 13th, 2009

- Some interesting words from Barzani, saying that the American promises are much more important than the parliament’s seats. Kurdistan regional government refused to say what are these promises, but Kirkuk MP Omar Al-Jabouri said the Americans promised the Kurds to give them Kirkuk, implementing, article 140 on Kirkuk (new crisis? 85 votes in the parliament rejected the U.S. promises, saying it bypass Iraq’s sovereignty. Insisting that Article 140 is already expired, the best way is to write a new article, gives justice to all factions in Kirkuk).
True or not, there are some kind of suspicious deal deal going on between the two, which made a Kurdish delegation to go to the U.S. preparing the path to Barzani’s visit to the U.S. soon.

Few scandals today:
- Al-Sharqiya TV revealed that a day before Maliki’s hearing in the parliament, Dawa Party held a secret meeting with the Islamic Party, where the talks focused on house speaker Iyad Al-Samarrai to avoid asking Maliki embarrassing questions and to make the meeting closed as much as possible in exchange that Maliki will appoint number of members of the Islamic Party candidates as deputy-ministries, and to solve the issue of the arrest of two members of Islamic Party from Diyala province who detained early this year (this why I said the questions were too soft).
- In the parliament hearing session of the defense and interior ministers today, disputes erupted after members of the parliament discovered that the U.S. embassy delegation was listening to the discussions sitting a hall overlooking at parliament. It seems that deputy-House speaker Al-Atiya gave the Americans the permission to “listen”, parliament members refused to continue the session suggesting the the Americans should leave.

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