lundi 7 mars 2011

Turkmen in politics school

Turkmen in politics school

06 March 2011, Sunday

Incepting from the starting point that serving humanity is the most significant tool of politics, as an organization which has devoted itself to investing in people, the ITF realized an innovation.

As a result of the endeavors of Iraqi Turkmen Front Turkey Representation, as a first, the Turkmen in Turkmeneli and Turkey were invited to attend a week long course on politics in the AK Party school of politics.

In the full day week long training at the Political Academy, many subjects dealing with politics were presented to the attendees. The lessons which were avidly followed by the Turkmen participants were presented by relevant specialists in their particular disciplines. After the week of training, the course attendees were presented with certificates of participation. The course attendees expressed their satisfaction regarding the instruction they had received.

The certificates of the course attendees were handed out by AK Party Deputy General Chairman Ankara MP Reha Denemeç. At the certification ceremony Iraqi Turkmen Front Turkey Representative Dr. Hicran Kazancı thanked AK Party Deputy General Chairman Ankara MP Reha Denemeç for his contribution by presenting him with a plaque.

In addition, AK Party Deputy Foreign Affairs Chairman and Adana MP Ömer Çelik and AK Party Deputy Research Development Director Mahir Ünal were appreciated for their support and contributions.

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